About the Conference

Since the first IMP Conference held in Manchester in 1984, the event has brought together an informal network of researchers interested in topics related to complex business networks. The IMP Conference is the largest international gathering of academics and practitioners in the field of business marketing and purchasing, drawing participants from all continents.

Success for all organizations depends on the ability to interact effectively with those around them and to effectively combine their own skills and resources with the capabilities of customers, suppliers, and development partners. Organizational actions and interactions are channeled and constrained through structured resources and through networks of relationships. A company’s relationships are its prime assets, and the management of its relationships is a major task. The networks in which companies operate have reached global proportions, and marketing and purchasing for most organizations are conducted on an international level. However, most of our knowledge of building and managing relationships in a global network is built on studies conducted in Western economies in times of relative prosperity. Today’s environment is more challenging. The 29th IMP Conference in Atlanta will open up a discussion on the challenges and necessary capabilities for building and managing relationships in today’s more difficult conditions. These conditions are characterized by pervasive change and conflict with a greater number of confounding variables.

The IMP Group

The IMP Group was formed in 1976 by researchers from five European countries. The first work of the group was a large-scale comparative study of industrial marketing and purchasing across Europe. Since then the group has carried out a large number of empirical and conceptual studies of the complex relationships between buying and selling companies and of the structure and process of complex business networks. A selection of the books based on this research may be found on the group’s website, impgroup.org, together with more than 1,000 academic papers and a large number of the theses that have been carried out within the IMP Research Theme. In addition to its annual conference, the IMP Group holds a biennial IMP Asia conference.

About Atlanta: Host City for IMP 2013

Direct flights to Europe, South America, and Asia have made metro Atlanta easily accessible to the more than 1,000 international businesses that operate here and the more than 50 countries that have representation in the city through consulates, trade offices, and chambers of commerce. The city has emerged as a banking center and is the world headquarters for 13 Fortune 500 companies.

Atlanta is the capital city of the southeast, a city of the future with strong ties to its past. The old in new Atlanta is the soul of the city, the heritage that enhances the quality of life in a contemporary city. In the turbulent 60’s, Atlanta was “the city too busy to hate.” And today, in the 21st Century, Atlanta is the “city not too busy to care.”

For more than four decades Atlanta has been linked to the civil rights movement. Civil Rights leaders moved forward, they were the visionaries who saw a new south, a new Atlanta. They believed in peace. They made monumental sacrifices for that peace. And because of them Atlanta became a fast-paced modern city which opened its doors to the 1996 Olympics.