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Applications and Managerial Implications of IMP Research
Co-chairs: Brian Rutherford, Amaka Anaza
Emerging Markets and Cultural Issues in Global Industrial Networks
Co-chairs: Doreen Sams, Janna Parker
Global Key Account Management and CRM
Chair: Kevin Wilson
Interaction and Actors in Turbulent Times
Co-chairs: Chris Medlin, Jan-Åke Törnroos
Innovation in Industrial Networks
Co-chairs: Ohtman Boujena, Hannu Makkonen
Managing Industrial Networks
Chair: Thomas Ritter
Supply Chain Management and Purchasing
Co-chairs: Saara Pekkarinen, Anne-Maria Holma, Christian Kowalkowski, Sicco Santema
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Teaching Industrial Business and Networks
Co-chairs: Jari Salo, David Nickell
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