New Metrics and Indicators for Contemporary Marketing Practices


The purpose of this track is to present the advancement of the Contemporary Marketing Practice (CMP) research project.

Two streams have developed in recent years. First, since the late ’90s, relationship marketing has attracted the attention of scholars and practitioners. Currently, marketing scholars are studying the nature and scope of relationship marketing and developing conceptualizations regarding the value of collaborative relationships between different market actors, i.e. its metrics.

Second, focus seems to be shifting towards emerging economies, a research topic that marketing scholars are slowly starting to address.

The gap between theory and practice stimulates discussion on:

  • the diversity of marketing practices and to profile them in a variety of contemporary environments
  • the relevance of relational marketing in different organizational, economic and cultural context
  • whether metrics and indicators used within transactional marketing are relevant to relational marketing
  • if new metrics and indicators are relevant to the relational and value based marketing
  • understanding similarities and differences between data from developed and emerging economies

The submission should include a brief description of the macro environmental characteristics of the country as well as the data analysis of the CMP questionnaires. Cross country comparisons are especially welcomed.